Thank you! Reached 1000 Page Views!! *updated*

*Note: Kacey is the winner of the 1000th Page View mini-contest.  As my blog gains more steam, there may be more contests in the future so please continue to come back and check for new posts!

Today is the EIGHTH day of my blog!  ONE FULL WEEK ago I first started to spread the word about my blog: I left a comment on my favorite blogger’s site (The Pioneer Woman) and I updated my status with it on Facebook.  And now,  in just 8 days, I have somehow accumulated more than 1000 page views!  Thank you to those of you who took a moment of your time to read my story.  Thank you to those who found it interesting enough to come back.  And thank you to those who told your friends.  And thank you to those who made the extra step to rate and to comment.  I have been spellbound by how the numbers have grown so quickly!  I really didn’t expect anywhere close to even 100, and now I have 1,000!

So to commemorate my 1000th View, I am running a (very) small contest.  For those of you who had read the comments to the blog, you will notice that I promised to send a small souvenir of Japan to my first two commenters.  Well, I just got those souvenirs, and I think they’re cute.  So I would like to go buy one more set to send to one person who is kind enough to comment on any one of my posts or pages.  The winner of the contest will be chosen by the following method:

1.  The first reader to comment after I reach my 1000th Page view

Thank you again for choosing to read Citizens Of Love!




11 thoughts on “Thank you! Reached 1000 Page Views!! *updated*

    • Thank you! I have no idea what the “standard” is and how many of my page views are unique visitors, but I am happy nonetheless. I just discovered what tags are, so I am assuming you found me through my new Post Tags… I am so new to this. Any advice you could offer would be much appreciated! Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you enjoy my story…

    • Thank you!!! You are my official WINNER! Please send me your address to and your souvenir from Japan will be sent to you. Please help spread the word about my blog and continue to comment on and rate the posts. Thanks again for stopping by “Citizens of Love.”

  1. Lee – so good to hear you are returning to the states and to New York! Will be waiting to hear what your plan is for you and your family. I sense it will be a good thing?!

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