What I’ve Missed About New York, and What I Haven’t

I went into New York City on Tuesday to have lunch with some people at OgilvyOne who I got to know through the “World’s Greatest Salesperson” contest.  After four years, I have to say that New York has not changed, but some of the buildings have.  We walked past the “Gift Castle” where Fred and I met, but we were sad to find that it was empty.  It used to be a Pizzeria apparently, but now it is just an abandoned store with a “For Rent” sign in the window.

Walking in New York, I couldn’t help but think about all the things that I have missed about being in New York, and all the things I haven’t.  In no particular order, here they are…

Things I have missed:

1.  My SHOES!:  Since coming to America, I must have changed my shoes at least three times a day.  I forgot how many cute little summer shoes I had!  Living in the land of snow, I have lived in boots most of my time in Hokkaido.  These are my favorite — cute pink ballet shoe slides, which I wore to lunch on Tuesday:

My Pink Backless Ballet Flats

2.  The Hudson River:  Riding over the George Washington Bridge was like coming home again.  The beautiful Hudson River glimmering in the summer sun.  Sail boats dotting the gorgeous blue water.  The cliffs that bank each side of the river.  If you have never been, please do go.  Visit the Cloisters.  It will change you.

3.  Warm rolls served before the meal:  Thank you Ogilvy for reminding what eating was all about!  In Japan you normally get pickled vegetables or some kind of fish dish.  I know carbs are going to kill me for the next few weeks, months, years even, but it is just so satisfying to bite into warm crusty, buttery, soft goodness.

Things I definitely do not miss:

1.  The HEAT!  I am a cold person by nature and hated the long winter months of Hokkaido, and short comparatively cold months of summer.  But walking in 90-100 degree weather weighed down by the heaviness of humidity — I now would not complain about the mid-70 degree weather of July in Hokkaido.

2.  What comes with heat?  Air Conditioning Droplets!  Okay, if you haven’t walked the streets of New York in the summer, then you probably wouldn’t know about this, but the truth is, your always wondering if it is starting to rain as the drops of condensation fall from the sky and onto your bare arms.  But, no, it is not the coolness of a summer shower, but rather the ickiness of air conditioning droplets raining down on you from the tall buildings all around you.  BLAH!

3.  The TRAFFIC!  Enough said!

Alright.  So I am safely back at home in the same house I grew up in as a child.  It is just as I remember it, with all its flaws and all.  But at least I can call it home.

Thank you for waiting for me to settle in.  My next post will contain my mother’s reaction to having her non-Korean, non-doctor, non-lawyer son-in-law living in her house as she lives 15 miles away.


2 thoughts on “What I’ve Missed About New York, and What I Haven’t

  1. Welcome home. Ick…..the humidity! I am California born and raised but both my parents were from the mid-west and the east coast so that’s where we spent summer vacations. As a child I could hardly wait for those vacations. As an adult I loved to visit with relatives but absolutely HATED the humidity…. So I hear ya! Again….welcome home!

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