NY Love and Marriage Examiner

I have some news; I will be sharing the wisdom I have gathered from my many relationship mishaps on Examiner.com.  I am now officially THE “NY Love and Marriage Examiner.”  In my articles for Examiner, I will discuss a “Love Versus…” situation that many people in long term committed relationships may find themselves in.  I want to examine making difficult decisions where people must choose between love and something else.

Wanna FIGHT?!

Since you have known me first, you will get an inside peek into the details of the scenarios that I discuss on that page.  So from now on, whenever I post a new article on my Examiner page, I will also post something here on Citizens of Love that will give the story behind the story.  Please visit my Examiner page at


You can read my first article entitled “Love versus mom.” This article is about a fictional couple based on a real life scenario (actually I am Jane;).  I hope you like it!  Please share your opinions on the comment section of the article.

Thank you!


*picture by: djcodrin/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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