I am still here!

40 days have passed since I have moved to America after four years of exile.  Half of that time I have been adjusting to my new job in the city.  You may remember from post 9 that I got some recognition for my entry into OgilvyOne’s World’s Greatest Salesperson contest.  Well, thanks to that recognition, I was able to land a job much faster than I had anticipated.  I now work at a great rising star strategic digital agency called BoomBox.  And because I started working at this new job right away, I haven’t been able to properly settle in.  Which left little time to write.  I have a pretty long commute that allows me to think about all the things I want to write about, so there is no shortage of things I’d like to say here on Citizens of Love and on my NY Love and Relationship Examiner page.  But I have been hard pressed for time to write out those ideas because of work, family, and well, sleep.  But I am getting into the swing of things, and I would like to envision at least one post a week on both of my pages.  So hang in there readers!  The ride is about to take off again…


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