22c. Pre-cacoon

Even as a child I was the type of girl that kept to myself. Not to say that I necessarily liked being by myself, but rather I was too afraid of rejection to make the effort to initiate a friendship. I would rather be alone than risk having my feelings hurt. But I was very eager to be friendly when someone approached me.

So it came to be that I lived my life with a very small number of friends. I never fully outgrew this habit, and tend to stay to myself to this day.

When I met Fred, he awakened in me a confidence that I never knew existed. It wasn’t just the way he would tell me how beautiful I was, or how much he adored me, or even how proud he was of me for everything I did. No, it was mostly how he exuded confidence himself and somehow that confidence rubbed off onto me through our hours of constant physical contact 🙂

Fred is the type of guy who never let himself get pushed around. Growing up in Lebanon, though, it was hard not to get pushed around. It is very much a survival of the fittest type of society, and when you’re a short skinny dude with no connections, people tend to see you as a target.

Instead of letting his height bring him down, Fred built himself up with BIG personality. Anyone who underestimated him was undoubtedly either in awe or beaten to a pulp. Not to say I condone fighting, but defending oneself successfully is a very useful asset in Beirut, and in life.

So it may surprise the average onlooker find this atypically un-petite Korean girl paired with an atypically short Lebanese man… but boy if they only new the half of it!


6 thoughts on “22c. Pre-cacoon

  1. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I don’t have another chapter to read! I want more!!!! Thank you Lee for sharing your life with us. We are all connected by love.


  2. I’ve read through everything.
    You have experienced a lot of things since you left Japan.
    I look forward to further stories of you and Fred and your families.

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