One year ago today…

1.  I was starting a new job in a new country … my home country, yes, but it had not been my home in four years…

2.  I confessed I was five months pregnant… my new employer was so supportive, but to my great relief

3.  I was adjusting to living in my childhood home, now as a mother… and my own mother (who does not live with us), had trouble with the concept of my autonomy… I was living out “King Lear”

4.  I did not have health insurance… Never has the truth of the American Healthcare situation been so poignant as when it was compared to a country (Japan) that has such a great national healthcare system (oh no!  I never talk about politics!  sorry…)

5.  I stopped writing… I no longer had the time or energy to poor my soul into my writing… a sad loss… hopefully one day I can get back into the swing of things… but small steps… I’ll try to check back here more often!

Thank you to all who have found me again!



One thought on “One year ago today…

  1. I think you are so busy. But if you have some time to write, I will come here and read it.

    And I remember your plan to write a novel. It doesn’t matter if it takes a lot of time.

    See you soon!

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